Tony was a creative director at ad agencies in Chicago and New York before starting his own firm which he grew into one of Chicago’s largest before leaving the business and moving to Virginia to fulfill a dream of writing novels.

          His first novel, Sleeping Dogs, was published in 2014 along with a non-fiction book, Writing With The Master, about crafting the novel with his friend and mentor, John Grisham.

          Later in 2015, Tony will be publishing a second comic novel, Say Something Funny and he has two other novels and a non-fiction book in the works. “I resist being pigeonholed as a writer,” Tony explains, “I enjoy crafting thrillers, have a blast doing comedy and revel in the honesty of writing memoirs.”

          Another of Tony’s passions is rural preservation, smart growth and the local food movement. Living on a farm outside of Charlottesville with his wife, four dogs, four horses and a Sicilian donkey named Jethro, he says “Piedmont Virginia is so gorgeous, it has to be kept that way for ourselves and future generations.”

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KIRKUS REVIEWS calls it “…an amusing satire about the ad business, with clever twists on its gimmick and dead-on barbs about our brand-obsessed culture.”
          Dinsmore “Dinny” Rein is 55, divorced and demoted, since he’s been freezing up in meetings at his Chicago ad agency. At the company, run by the loathsome Steve Sinkle and sexy creative director Ester, Dinny is derisively referred to as “Noodles” because one of his two remaining clients is a pasta company.
          Exhausted and irritated, Dinny agrees to meet the baritone who keeps calling him on his cellphone. The old man says he’s God and he needs to get people back to church. He wants Dinny to do an ad campaign. Dinny is skeptical at first, but he then learns that $10 million has shown up in the agency’s bank account.
          The drama heats up as Sinkle and Ester work behind Dinny’s back to create an alternate campaign and win God’s favor. Worse still, God proves to be less than all-powerful, with a slippery hold on the human forms he inhabits, and campaign monies provided through questionable means.

Ads for God

ADULT FICTION - Satire/Humor
ISBN 978-1-942882-00-8
Paperback  |  304 pgs  |   5-1/2 x 8-1/2  |  $18.00
Publication Date: February 17, 2015
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Tony Vanderwarker